Zhiyong Zhou

Zhiyong Zhou

PhD Student in GIScience

University of Zurich


  • I am a postdoc at the GIScience Center of Department of Geography at University of Zurich, collaborating with Prof. Dr. Robert Weibel and Dr. Cheng Fu.
  • I hold a PhD degree in Geography from the University of Zurich, in Switzerland (defened on 20 June 2022), under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Haosheng Huang and Prof. Dr. Robert Weibel, a M.E degree with Honours and a B.E degree with Honours at the School of Geography and Information Engineering of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) in 2018 and 2015, respectively.
  • My work lies in the intersection of GIScience, spatial cognition, AI, and human-computer interaction. I am particularly interested in the computatioanl stuff for spatial problems in computers and the cognitive stuff from spatial tasks of humans.
  • Spatio-temporal theories and models
  • Spatial communication
  • Mobility and space
  • GeoAI for cartography
  • PhD in GIScience, 2022

    University of Zurich

  • MEng in Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering, 2018

    China Unversity of Geosciences (Wuhan)

  • BEng in Geographic Information Systems, 2015

    China Unversity of Geosciences (Wuhan)


  • [2023-04-01] We are organizing the CartoAI workshop at GIScience 2023.

  • [2022-07-01] Start a new SNSF project, DeepGeneralization, as a postdoc.

  • [2022-06-20] Successfully defended my thesis, titled with Hierarchical modeling of indoor spaces: Towards route communication at multiple levels of detail for navigation in buildings.

  • [2022-03-19] Gave an invited talk in UPINLBS 2022 with Prof. Haosheng Huang.

  • [2021-12-18] Accepeted for a paper at Computers, Environment and Urban Systems.

  • [2021-11-23] Gave a presentation for the short paper in LBS 2021 Conference.

  • [2021-09-30] Gave a presentation for the short paper in GIScience 2021 Conference.

  • [2021-07-19] Accepted for a paper at Spatial Cognition and Computation.

  • [2021-06-18] Accepted for a paper at International Journal of Geographical Information Science.

  • [2020-11-30] Awarded the GRC Travel Grant by Graduate Campus at UZH.

  • [2019-05-28] Gave the PhD concept talk in the Department of Geography at UZH.

  • [2018-09-01] Joined the GIScience Center at University of Zurich.


PhD Project

PhD Project

Computational Hierarchy Modelling of Indoor Spaces for Navigation Guidance in Buildings



An indoor social networking system to drive the interaction between people indoors.



A context-aware navigation system for emergency response in buildings.