Zhiyong Zhou

Ph.D. Student in GIScience

University of Zurich


  • My name is Zhiyong Zhou, a Ph.D. student at the GIScience Center of Department of Geography at University of Zurich. My advisors are Prof. Dr. Haosheng Huang and Prof. Dr. Robert Weibel.
  • I hold the B.E degree with Honours and the M.E degree with Honours in the Faculty of Information and Engineering of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). I was a member of UbiLoc from 2013 to 2018.
  • My major research field is wayfinding and navigation, human-centered computing, and spatial data science. Currently, I am working on computational modelling of indoor spaces for human-centered navigation guidance.


  • Outdoor/indoor Wayfinding and Navigation
  • Computational Place Modeling
  • Human-centered Computing
  • Spatial Data Science


  • MEng in Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering, 2018

    China Unversity of Geosciences

  • BEng in Geographic Information Systems, 2015

    China Unversity of Geosciences


  • [2019/10/09] I presented the initial results of my first part of PhD project in GIScience internal group meeting.
  • [2019/05/28] I gave the PhD concept talk in the GISicence colloquium of Department of Geography in UZH.
  • [2018/09/01] I joined the GIScience Center, University of Zurich. I will work on the IndoorLBS project under the advise of Dr. Haosheng Huang and Prof. Dr. Robert Weibel.
  • [2018/06/25] I was qualified for graduation from China Unviersity of Geosciences (Wuhan) with the title Outstanding Graduates and was awarded the Degree of Master of Engineering.
  • [2018/05/24] I defended my master thesis! Defense talk is titled A Hierarchical Spatial Data Model for Map-matching Based Indoor Localization.




An indoor social networking system to drive the interaction between people indoors.


A context aware smart indoor navigation system for emergency response in buildings.


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